From the Principal

The Australian Performing Arts Grammar School (APGS) is a secondary school focussing on academic, creative and performing arts for Years 7 to 12. An environment unlike any other, APGS is a vibrant and dynamic school dedicated to helping students develop holistically through the wonderful medium of performing arts education.

The Australian Performing Arts Grammar School brings together young people of creative ability and academic commitment. The School offers an enriched curriculum which fosters independence, self-esteem, and a sense of commitment to the wider community. Our philosophy revolves around the values of respect, commitment and connection, and our students are encouraged to explore ideas and to expand their skills within a framework of trust and encouragement. APGS offers an arts rich and a rigorous academic education in an international environment that provides students with the opportunity to flourish intellectually, creatively, and spiritually.

At APGS we believe that there is a creative capacity in all children that should be fostered and encouraged. APGS provides the timetable and dedicated staff to help young artists to flourish. APGS provides young artists with the instruction, encouragement and time that they need to develop their passion and skills. Older students are taught a discipline and commitment that enable them to thrive throughout their education and in their professional endeavours.

APGS organizes visiting artists and performers to complement our exemplary permanent staff and to enrich the program with master classes. This allows students to perform and exhibit their work in company with those already contributing to Australian and international performing arts practice

The only way to really see how wonderfully unique APGS is to see us in action, either at a School Tour or one of our many Showcase events held each year.

Professor Kyunghee Lee