Contemporary Dance

This class focuses on performance in contemporary technique. Students will
be challenged technically, physically andmentally as they work with choreographers to develop their technical and expressive skills. Students will work towards creating a dance work that expresses a specific intent for performance.


Contemporary Ballet

The class will have a performance focus on creating choreography with an edge by incorporating other genres. This is geared towards producing triple threat dancers. Strengthening classical ballet technique supports all dance styles and helps to build artistry in movement. Students will build on the dynamics and musicality of movement while pushing the boundaries of classical steps and developing a strong foundation to execute turns, extensions and elevations.


This class focuses on preparing performance quality routines with an emphasis on the speed of learning choreography while concentrating on the detail and accuracy of the jazz style. Routines will be physically challenging and students will engage with the unique musicality and expressiveness of jazz choreography.

Hip Hop

The students will learn to perform hip hop moves and routines in a variety of ways with an emphasis on clean and precise movements. They will understand why particular movements work with different music and the need to listen closely to the music and not just dance over the top of it. Students will be encouraged to move out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves by learning more difficult moves. They will also explore and develop their creative style through choreographed routines.

Self Devised Choreography

Students develop the skills of choreographythrough practice of self devised movementprojects. Students engage in explorationthrough tasks to encourage self devised movement for dance compositions. They learn essential aspects of the craft of choreography, which they employ to communicate their intent through dance.