From the Head of School

From the Head of School

Australian Performing Arts Grammar School (APGS) is a secondary school focusing on academics, creative and performing arts for Years 7 to 12. APGS is a specialist school catering to young people with creative passion and academic commitment.

Our school offers a unique academic and performing arts program and enriched curriculum. We deliver our academic classes alongside our specialist performing arts program.

Our teachers integrate the creative and performing arts in their delivery of academic lessons. APGS teachers understand how to engage creative minds and inspire our students to draw on their self-confidence and ambition to achieve success in their academic studies. We keep class sizes small to ensure that no child is overlooked while also fostering independence early on to set students up for success in their future studies where self-motivated learning is essential.

We deliver our performing arts program across four main streams; Drama, Dance, Music and Visual Arts. Students participate in professional level masterclasses in their chosen stream and engage with a rotating roster of industry professionals. APGS organizes visiting artists and performers to complement our exemplary permanent staff and to enrich the program with master classes. This allows students to perform and exhibit their work in company with those already contributing to Australian and international performing arts practice.

We are proud of the community we have built at APGS where our students and staff come together in celebration of their shared passions and accomplishments.

The only way to really see how wonderfully unique APGS is to see us in action, either at a School Tour or one of our many Showcase events held each year.

- Ms Wendy Lindeman


From the Head of School (Operations)

At APGS we are dedicated to empowering creativity in every student. Students come to us from all across Sydney in search of an education where their passions are encouraged and celebrated. APGS is a place where they are surrounded by students and teachers who share their dedication and commitment to the arts.

The creative arts build self-confidence and resilience and by empowering our students to engage with their passions they develop core values and learn through experience. We are proud to offer an arts rich education and believe that through empowering the creativity of every student at APGS we embolden them with the confidence and skills to achieve to the best of their abilities academically and creatively.

APGS students design their own success; through engaging with subjects that they are passionate about APGS promotes genuine self-actualized learning.
We see the potential in each student and strive to continually extend, nurture and encourage them to grow. Our focus is on how students can explore their creative abilities in a multifaceted way. By looking beyond just grades, we take them on a journey and see them leave us having become an even better human being. The creative arts build self-confidence; resilience and help students develop core values. Empowering students through the creative and performing arts allows them to discover themselves and their place in the world.

- Mrs Eunice Chung Lee