Audition Dates

As APGS is expanding we are now offering Distance Auditions via video submission with a face to face interview. 

Click here to APPLY NOW - Applications open for Years 7 - 11

<b>Holly Riva</b></br> Singer / Songwriter

Holly Riva
Singer / Songwriter

<b>Lola Rose Bond</b></br> Actor / Writer / Director

Lola Rose Bond
Actor / Writer / Director

<b>The Kid Laroi</b></br> Rapper / Singer / Songwriter

The Kid Laroi
Rapper / Singer / Songwriter

<b>Sophia Chesworth</b></br>Singer / Songwriter

Sophia Chesworth
Singer / Songwriter

<b>Quang Hong Luu</b></br>Concert Pianist

Quang Hong Luu
Concert Pianist

<b>Lana Borisova</b></br> Dancer / Choreographer / Model

Lana Borisova
Dancer / Choreographer / Model