We would like to warmly welcome you to the Australian Performing Arts Grammar School. APGS is a school where you will be encouraged to reach your academic, performing arts and personal goals and be supported every step of the way. Orientation is the first step in your High School voyage and we are looking forward to sharing every busy moment, challenge and achievement with you.

Student Information Submission

Click here to submit your Student Information Form. This is compulsory for all new students before commencement. This includes Emergency Contacts and Medical Details. 

Textbook Orders

Your booklist will be available on the T's Textbook website: www.tstextbooks.com.au Select the applicable school and year level and follow the prompts to complete your online order.

Stationery / Device Requirements

  • Calculator 1 x Casio FX-100 AU PLUS calculator
  • Grid book for Mathematics (A4 5mm Grid Binder Book)
  • 7 x A4 exercise books (64 pages) for other subjects 
  • Ruler, pens, pencil, eraser
  • Individual teachers may include additional items to this list
  • Device/ Laptop: Please be advised that all APGS students are required to bring their own laptop for use in classes. MAC or PC are both acceptable,  we suggest something lightweight for ease of travel. They require wifi capability and Microsoft office.

Travel Opal card

Simply fill out this form where it says APPLY NOW: https://apps.transport.nsw.gov.au/ssts/#/applyNow

Please be advised that our school name comes up as: AUSTRALIAN INT PERFORMING ARTS GRAMMAR


Academic and Performing Arts Timetables will be sent out to each student when the school office returns in mid-January.  

School Hours

Year 7 – 10

8 50am – 3 10pm

Students may arrive from 7 30am

Year 11 – 12

8 50am – 3 10pm

Some senior students will have a period zero or period eight on certain days.

Period Zero – 7 50am start

Period Eight – 4 10pm finish

Students may arrive from 7 30am

2021 Term Dates

Term 1 Start - Wednesday 27th January
Term 1 Finish - Thursday 1st April

Term 2 Start - Monday 19th April
Term 2 Finish - Thursday 17th June

Term 3 Start - Monday 12th July
Term 3 Finish - Thursday 16th September

Term 4 Start - Tuesday 5th October
Term 4 Finish - Thursday 2nd December