2019 HSC Success


In 2019:

  • APGS' 2019 Dux and Valedictorian Lola Bond achieved an ATAR of 94.9. Lola scored a near perfect mark of 49/50 in English Extension 2.100% of HSC Music 1 students achieved a Band 5 or Band 6
  • 75% of HSC Visual Arts students achieved a Band 5 or Band 6
  • 75% of HSC Dance students achieved a Band 5 or Band 6

In 2019 two students were nominated for ArtExpress: Ieisha Acampora and Lola Bond.
Both students' works were selected for exhibition; Ieisha's work was exhibited at the Armoury Gallery and Lola's work was exhibited at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Two 2019 Drama students, Laura Banning and Lola Bond, were nominated for OnStage, a showcase of the best Individual Performances across the state.

Lola Bond was nominated for Callback in 2019; a selection of outstanding performances and projects from HSC Dance students.

Post school destinations of our graduating class of 2019 include: Queensland University of Technology, the Conservatorium of Music, The University of Sydney, ED5 International, Screenwise Australia and Billy Blue College of Design.

Lola Bond was awarded the QUT Excellence scholarship (Elite Visual and Performing Arts) valued at $30,000. The award of an Excellence Scholarship acknowledges outstanding achievement in the creative industries; it is awarded to the top two candidates from the audition process; Lola was one of the top two of over 500 auditioned across Australia.