Senior and Junior Companies

The Senior and Junior Drama Companies will work as professional performance ensembles. Students in these companies will be involved in part of the process of material selection, and then will be cast in a stage piece (be it a stage play, or a concept for an ensemble-devised piece) in preparation for the Drama Showcase. Students will become immersed in the rigour of the rehearsal process, from script work and line learning, to movement and blocking, physical and vocal preparation, and the ever-challenging bump-in/technical/dress rehearsal process. This process will leave students well-equipped with professional skills for auditioning, performing, and working creatively and effectively as an ensemble.

As part of this experience students, may also develop an understanding and gain experience in set, lighting and sound design


Scripts and Scenes 

This class is for actors to develop skills in working with scripts and to focus on effective and healthy characterized vocal delivery. Exploring professional acting techniques, this class aims to help students develop truthful, dynamic performances. Techniques will be applicable to finding truth within both stage and screen scripts. Students may be selected to perform scenes in a Drama Showcase.

Using published works, students will develop skills in:

  • Actions, Objectives and Stanislavski Technique
  • Generating Truth in Performance
  • Creating Detailed Characters
  • Making Bold and Dynamic Choices
  • Stagecraft and the Actor’s Imagination
  • Commitment to ‘Being in the Moment’
  • Developing a Strong ‘Actor’s Voice
  • Pitch, Pace and Volume in speech


Imrpovisation and Theatre Sports

This class is a chance for students to explore elements of an actor’s craft, including:
• Stage Presence
• Improvisation, and Making and Accepting Offers
• Creating Characters
• Believability, Conviction and ‘Being in The Moment’
• Committing to Choices
• Imagination and ‘Sense of Play’ While focused primarily on Improvisation, the class may involve devised performances and use of simple scripts.


Screen Acting and Screen Audition Techniques 

Students will study screen acting in a process that equips them for the demands of the industry.  Students will work with industry standard camera equipment, learning to improve their on-camera performance and have a technique to apply in an audition situation.

Scripted monologues, small scenes as well as working as a presenter, will be covered in the Working with Scripts class. Material in this class will be the basis for performances developed in Acting for Screen.

This class aims to build confidence and skills in front of the camera – with a focus on audition technique, body language, vocal skills and the particular style of acting suited for screen.