Digital Music Composition and Recording 

Students will learn skills in contemporary composition utilizing digital instruments, loops and samples to create a finalized project. Digital technology may include GarageBand, Soundtrap and various current music apps. The work will be done on student laptops and they may use their own programs such as Abelton Live or Logic. 

For singer/song writers, this class can incorporate recording vocals into their laptop software.

Music Theory and Arranging Techniques 

Theory and arranging/composition techniques such as chord progressions, melody writing, form and structure, musical layers and sound design will be explored. The class covers a range of other related topics and compliments the digital class to include work on arranging and composition techniques incorporating use of notation software.

For singer/song writers, this class can incorporate putting students original lyrics to a melody, with a focus on developing an understanding of melody, chords, and arrangement techniques.

Students will develop the skills required to write their own chord charts and arrangements, for practical application in live performance. 

AMPA Senior Music Company: Instrumental/vocal ensemble 

This is an advanced PA class for the most experienced instrumentalists and vocalists, who have demonstrated an outstanding level of technical skill and motivation. The format will be based on learning within an ensemble experience which may be flexible and will vary according to the needs and strengths of current students. 

Music Ensemble Skills: Instrumental/vocal 

This is a performance class, with a focus on developing the ensemble skills used in contemporary bands comprising drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, lead vocal and backing vocals. Students will be placed into ensembles with this structure, or similar – to workshop, rehearse and prepare performances for possible inclusion in the Showcase.

Students will be assigned performance projects and will be expected to practice their assignments between classes, to come to class prepared to perform. The repertoire will be determined by the tutor in consultation with students to allow for student input. 


Instrumental Solo and Small Ensemble 

This is a class for anyone who plays or learns an instrument – guitar, bass, drums or keyboard, or any other instrument they are learning.

In this class students will learn to perform using charts and lead sheets (charts with chords and melodic lines). Students will also learn how to write their own charts for songs of their choice, that can then be performed in this class.

No prior reading knowledge is required but you must be interested to learn to read chords and to develop skills as an instrumental soloist and within an ensemble.

More advanced students will be given solo and leadership opportunities in the ensembles, while beginners will focus on playing chords and developing confidence within ensemble performance. Students in the class will be expected to do some practice between classes to reinforce skills, so that they can make progress and contribute to the ensemble performance. 

Guitar Ensemble 

Have you always wanted to learn guitar? Or do you already a guitarist and want to take your skills to a higher level in a performance ensemble?

Then this class is for you

This is an ensemble class for guitarists who will rehearse and perform a range of popular repertoire from two to three parts. Emphasis is placed on the development of guitar performance technique (chords and melodic work assigned to students within the ensemble depending on their previous level of skill) tab/chord/notation-reading, and ensemble performance skills. The group will perform each semester in Music Showcases.



Solo/Duo /Trio Vocal Technique and Performance Skills 

Students will focus on developing vocal approaches to suit the demands of contemporary singers –as well as performance practice, stagecraft and microphone technique and preparation for performance in organising accompaniment options. Students will be required to perform as a soloist within this class. Students may also work in duos or trios, to develop vocal harmony skills.

Students will explore and perform vocal techniques associated with the unique demands of different vocal styles such as jazz vocals, and pop and rock genres such as R’n’B, soul and Country. They will explore from a vocalist’s perspective, the vocal styling and nuances of these styles and how these styles are technically approached.

Students will be required to perform individually in class, and to often come to class with a song ready for performance. They will be expected to also work towards performing in Showcases. 

Song Writing 

This class is an opportunity for song writers to workshop their original songs through live performance.

Ideally, students in this class will also participate in the theory and digital composition class, and can then workshop their songs in a live setting during this class (although this is not a requirement). Through this performance project students can hear their compositions come to life, and collaborate with other students to create and perform different parts of their songs such as backing vocals and harmonies. Students may perform with backings that they have created in the digital composition class.